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This is an attempt to digitize lead pipe connection data from an image Ari Shapiro from NPR posted on Instagram (here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BBIImJdJtxH/ ).

The image is of a map of Flint, Michigan showing what kind of pipes are connected to which houses. The map in the picture is a paper map, and presumably no digitized version exists. For the city and people of Flint to understand where lead pipes exist, where exposure may have occurred, and where fixes to pipes are needed, they need to know where these pipes are in an updatable map-based form. So here's a crack at starting that.

In Ari's photo he points to a notation on a property that reads "L+C". Perhaps this means, perhaps, "lead and copper"? Referring to the type of pipes connected to the property, though I'm not certain. I've highlighted in red in this map the properties in Ari's photo that had the "L+C" notation.

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